Saturday, 8 March 2014

Loritta the Space Pirate


Its been a rather slow week painting wise but a much needed distraction from a rather stressful work week and I have managed to finish off an old Bob Olley sculpt called Loritta from the old Iron Claw Space Pirate range:


I originally picked up the figure from a gaming store for about £1.00 a couple of years back and she's been languishing in my lead pile ever since. She might not the most beautiful sculpt in the world but like so many of the old school figures, she's got buckets of character and painting her was a breeze.

Unusually, I primed her white and the richness of the colours really shines through because of it so I may try doing a few more in a similar style. I will be using her as a generic mercenary/ganger/pirate or scum but do want to see if I can track down a few more older sculpts to bulk out a decent number of henchmen and women!

All the best!


  1. Once again the Bob Olley effect works ! It really is a nice model and you really did it more than justice. I really like the bright colourscheme and the face with make up and dyed hair is gorgeous !
    I have yet to paint my Iron Claw pirates but your Loritta will definitely be an inspiration.

  2. Wasn't trying to sell you stuff! Lol! Quite happy to trade. Have a look in your piles of lead and see if you have any hobgoblins and I'll do swapsies. I'll even chuck a mutie in for nowt as i've got some conversions that'll be waiting a long time to get painted if he stays with me!