Monday, 17 March 2014

Hobby Ponderings


Well its my day off and I find myself pondering what I am doing with my hobby once again. Worry not its all a bit more positive than some of my previous wailing and gnashing of teeth!

Over the last month or so, I seem to have found myself enjoying a bit of a renaissance in 28mm painting and I do hope to continue it as it has been a most pleasant way to enjoy my hobby. In fact I seem to have managed to paint no less than 17 figures in a month which must be some sort of a record for me, not matched since back in the day!

The problem is I just don't have space to play any games but more on that later as for the moment I am thinking of doing something a bit heretical. I am banning myself from buying any more miniatures. Heresy you say! Well the truth of it is I want to paint my way through my lead pile.

I must admit it is much diminished from years past when I had the terrible habit of buying stuff with the intention of painting it and then spotting something else and suffering a bout of the Ooh Shiny Syndrome. I think this was part of the problem with my old Leviathan blog where I rapidly acquired so much stuff that it became so daunting that I gave up.

Just part of the Old Lead (and Resin) Pile

Sadly that whole collection ended up on ebay or traded away (something I am kicking myself for now!) The remedy to this is, I hope, to get cracking on with my painting of the bits and bobs I currently have lying around and there is good news there as I think I have currently only got about 100 unpainted figures in my possession. 

That's not a huge amount to work through and I figure I could potentially finish it all this year with a little bit of effort! If I can get myself down to 50 or so unpainted figures, I am going to allow myself the luxury of buying one figure for every miniature I manage to finish which should then give me some extra motivation to complete the project.

Now onto the gaming side of things. As much as I would love to get some games in for Rogue Trader and Oldhammer in general, I just don't have the space for even a moderately big board and suspect I may even struggle to get a 4x4 in my man cave without a bit of a squeeze! 

I refuse to worry about it though as for the time being, I have enough to keep me going on the painting front and who knows, maybe I will even manage a board at some point in the future but theres no point fretting about it now!


Well it looks like my decision to cut my gaming budget to nil for the next few months has been prophetic as I just received a whopping £300 bill from those kind souls at N Power! Still, there's no point fuming about it I suppose but it irks me that I am having to sacrifice more to the suits in the power companies!

Ah well! 

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