Monday, 27 February 2012

Auction Find!


Well I was at a local auction last night to drop off a load of tat for my girlfriends mum and while there I spotted a big box of old White Dwarf magazines and managed to pick them up for £3.30 all told!

They will be making their way onto ebay at some point but in the meantime I will be having a good read as quite a few come from back when I started in the hobby in the early 90s and have some nice articles in them!

Some of the Haul!

I also found it contained a couple of books, namely Giggamob and How To Make Wargames Terrain which will also be getting sold off to help fund my projects!

I also spotted that Steve Blease has set up an OLDE SKOOL WARHAMMER blog with some really nice pictures of his old Goblin army and is well worth a peek. Having read through his posts I was struck to realise that all this time I've been rabbiting on about trying to keep in the spirit of fun but obsessing about needing to use old and often expensive miniatures, primarily from Citadel which is in fact missing to point of having fun!

As Steve says its more about having fun and enjoying yourself than slavishly sticking to a certain manufacturer or era. Its also not just about collecting set units or points costs. Just get what you like and enjoy painting!

Taking this advice on board I think I will be able to save considerable amounts of pennies and enjoying my hobby all the more!

All the best!

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