Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Gaming in Difficult Times


Well I've come to the sad realisation that as things stand I just cant afford a gaming budget so am thinking about ways to continue my hobby as cheaply as possible.

The move to 15mm scale has seen two distinct advantages, I can now collect a decent sized force for very little money and store them in a small space too! Still I find that even this approach is not immune to the fact that I don't have money to spend on my hobby that I used to.

Therefore I've decided to go through all my wargaming stuff and ruthlessly cull it. I have had lots of projects that have been started over the last year or three and never been finished and its time to clear out and have a fresh start.

For example I have some Battletech, Void, Imperial Guard, 6mm sci-fi and fantasy and an assortment of Leviathan resin miniatures that I just cant do anything with at present. Some like my Void stuff will be getting completed as soon as I've finished the great tidy but others are just cluttering up the place and never going to get much done to them if I'm honest. Therefore they will be getting sorted through and ebayed as soon as possible.

Also my Leviathan project in 28mm scale will be getting sold off entirely as I just don't have the space for it or the inclination to paint the remainder if I am honest. I think I've done all I can for Leviathan in 28mm and my 15mm scale stuff is more usable.

I must admit that I have been in a bit of a painting and hobby slump over the last few months as I just cant seem to get myself into the mood for it. Maybe its been the move of house to the new far smaller space and general lack of hobby space or just a bit of a burnout but I do hope to be able to get out of it but at present I am feeling more than a little frustrated.

Hopefully I will be able to shake myself out of it soon and get back to my long hoped for campaign in the Axeblades. In the meantime I do apologise for the lack of any decent posts!

All the best!

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