Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Hobby Musings!


Well I've had a bit of a think about what I want to do with my hobby. I've decided that for the time being I am going to hold onto my miniatures as folks have already pointed out I am sure that I will regret it in the not too distant future, something I must admit I have found before much to my chagrin!

I still need to reorganise my projects and rethink where I'm going with them but initially I am going to investigate the following:

Fantasy: 28mm scale

I think I am going to just continue painting up what I have and enjoying it! I don't know what setting I will use, if any, but I do enjoy painting larger scale stuff. Big resin war beasts and stuff is going to be mothballed for the moment as I just don't have the space for it so it's going into a box for some future time when I can get back to it!

Fantasy: 15mm scale

Leviathan is going to continue getting some love in this scale but I also want to develop my own range of figures so a new setting is being developed!


I've got a fair amout of bits and bobs kicking around for sci-fi and it's a bit all over the place at present and I think I will be working on some Stainless Steel Rat stuff from time to time as I love the setting so much and spent many a happy hour playing scenarios. I also have the void stuff to finish but it may also be taking a back seat for the foreseeable future so I can concentrate on my other projects!

It's been rather cathartic to sit down and actually think about what I am going to do with my hobby. I think tomorrow I am going to go through my miniatures to see what I want to keep handy and what will b getting boxed up and put out of mind for the moment!

All the best!

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