Sunday, 4 March 2012

Northern Barbarians!


As promised heres some pictures of my first barbarian unit:

All the figures are PETER PIGS Conquerors and Kings ancient Germans and paint up really nicely. I particularly like the movement in the sculpts which really makes the unit look like a horde of bellowing savages charging into battle! at £2.60 for 8 infantry they are a great deal even if they are quite small

I based some up on 15mm square bases and others on 30mm square multi bases to make moving them a bit easier but also allow me to reform them into different formations without too much hassle.

In keeping with the setting they are going to be fighting in, either the northern reaches of Aeroth or the rolling plains of Crucible I went overboard with static grass, Silfor tufts and even some longer bits of bristle.

I think for the second unit I am going to add some more interesting little terrain elements to the bases, be it a fallen tree or some sort of standing stone.

Its the first time I've actually had a bash at painting an entire unit for a while and I must admit its been quite a bit of fun. Hopefully I will be able to add a second unit soon!

All the best!

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