Friday, 24 February 2012

Fantasy Aerial Combat Revisited


Looking at my blog stats I see that by far and away the most popular post has been the one I wrote on fantasy aerial combat. Ive recently been reading Black Lung Captain by Chris Wooding and it's got some rather nice ideas in it along with a rather good story.

Essentially its based in a world where air power is more important than land based transport and is pleasingly steampunk with a good dose of fantasy too. Throw in some sky pirates, otherworldly ghouls and lots of derring do and you get the general idea.

As I've already lamented, I don't have a gaming budget but am looking to go through my existing collection to see what i can find thats suitable and have found some of the em4 miniatures plastic fighters and have been wondering if I can press them into service for some aerial combat using Aeronef rules. I also have a couple of bigger vessels and bits and bobs kicking around so will see what I can come up with!

Once I've sorted through it I will post a bit more of an update. In other news Ive got the first few members of my barbarian warband finished and will be trying to add to their numbers over the next week or so until I have a couple of units done. I am also looking at converting some old GW plastic warboars into some sort of Wartower to give them something a bit more impressive.

I must admit painting them has been a bit of a chore as they aren't the most detailed models but I shall persevere as they look ok once finished!

All the best!

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