Thursday, 16 February 2012

A Guide to the Lands of Crucible

The mists that have shrouded the shores of Crucible for untold centuries have lifted and now the races of Aeroth have dispatched expeditions to claim this strange new land as their own.

The first settlers were dispatched from the Knights of the Eternal Light from Sunpeak and have created a fortified settlement called Kingsford. Situated on the edge of a great savannah, Kingsford is the last outpost of civilisation for thousands of miles.

A View From Kingsford

The settlers have found this new world inhabited and of all things inhabited by Orcs. They are a strange race quite unlike their Eastern cousins as their skin is green in colour and they have formed a powerful civilisation of their own consisting of a large number of interlinked settlements called Kraals and can field considerable military might. Initial contact was rather unfortunate and the settlers of Kingsford have more than once had to fight off waves of howling Orcsh warriors.

To the South lies an unending expanse of rainforest from which few expeditions have returned and those who have are riddled with diseases and make claims of weird and ancient civilisations lying deep within the interior. These are not the ravings of madmen, for deep within the forest, the Ortek pyramids rise towards the heavens and their disciplined orcish regiments issue forth to raid the surrounding lands for slaves and sacrifices.

Jungle of the Ortek Civilisation

Other races have now landed upon Crucibles shores, the Elves have sent forth a sky barque with an elite expeditionary force, the Dwarves have arrived in great airships and even the barbarous northmen have set up camps far to the north in search of booty. Sadly the Fallen have also been sighted and the old enemy from Aeroth may well soon be a common sight upon Crucible too.

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