Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Leviathan Project Ponderings!


Well I am busily working my way through selling off all my painted 28mm scale stuff while at the same time painting more of it and ignoring my 15mm scale miniatures.

I must admit that I seem to be making no sense at all with my hobby. On the one hand I can sculpt all my small scale miniatures for free and paint them to a standard I am happy with and even game with them. On the other I have been devoting a lot of time to 28mm scale which has proved thus far to be too big and expensive for me to do what I want with.

Therefore I have decided to finish painting up my goblin warband and sell it on! I need to concentrate on my 15mm scale stuff and as much as I am enjoying working in larger scale, I need to be realistic. I just dont have the space or the money to collect large scale figures!

I will however be keeping up 28mm scale painting on one project over on my Leutenant Brittan blog. This is because I want to finish what I started with it! I will be heading back to 15mm scale as soon as I finish the goblins on this blog.

I think one of the best things about Leviathan and gaming the Aeroth setting is that huge monsters are common so I will still be able to field big stuff from time to time! I need to concentrate on my small scale gaming as its more affordable and less likely to take over my tiny workshop!

All the best!

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