Thursday, 24 November 2011

Battles With Miniatures!


Some of you may remember the old gaming magazine Anvil and even the free i-Kore magazine Battles With Miniatures. They were an interesting mixture of painting articles, background and forcelists that in the case of Anvil covered Leviathan, Warzone and an assortment of other bits and pieces while Battles With Miniatures was solely for Void.

After a bit of discussion with the chaps at Scotia Grendel I've volunteered to put together a new edition of Battles With Miniatures which will be covering bits and bobs from all of Scotia Grendels ranges be it Leviathan, Kryomek or Void 1.1!

I am hoping to get a bit of an article put together about Leviathan including some new unit stats and a how to article on the creation of the converted lesser goblin wartower amongst other things but I am putting out the word that I am looking for articles to put in!

It can be anything from a battle report to a pictures of a painted miniature or some background material!

If you are interested please contact me here or over on the SCOTIA GRENDEL FORUM!

All the best!

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