Sunday, 13 November 2011

League Marines


Well I have been having a rummage through my unpainted 15mm scale figures and found these chaps:

US GI Troops

Originally from Peter Pig they are amongst the oldest figures I have in the Stainless Steel Rat project, predating it by several years they were originally purchased for a long failed World War 2 project but I never got rid of them. When I started this project I even went as far as doing a test piece for the Leagues finest:

Captain Gristle

Alas I never got any further than painting him up. Still with a new found sense of money saving I have decided to finish the platoon of them! It will provide some handy good guys for Slippery Jim to command or indeed to chase him if he commits any more felonies!

The original Captain Gristle conversion resulted in a rather heavily armoured figure whose weapon looked rather out of place. With the new conversion I am planning on lightening the armour a bit and updating the weapon to a blaster of some sort.

I plan on making a start on the little fellows once I get back to Portsmouth with the aim of getting them finished asap so I can get on with painting the rest of the bits and bobs I am taking with me which will hopefully result in there being a fully playable couple of forces to play with!

All the best!

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