Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Goblin Re-enforcements!


Heres a couple of pics of the latest addition to my Goblin Warband, the Antioch:


He's a bit of a hodgepodge of bits ranging from a rat ogres body to a trollbloods legs and a beast of slaanesh's head. Gamewise he counts as a troll but I quite like his unusual appearance!

The Antioch's are a semi-intelligent species that live in the high plains bordering the Axeblade mountains. They are generally peaceful creatures who live on ants and termites, using their powerful claws to break into the insects mounds and long sticky tongues to consume their tiny prey.

This poor creature has been liberated from an Orcish fighting pit by its Goblin masters and now acts as the chieftains bodyguard, pack animal and much loved pet. He still bears terrible scars from the pit where he was driven to fight other creatures for the Orcs crude entertainment.

Heres a pic of the full group so far:

Goblin Warband Progress

Its been an interesting model to build but turned out quite nicely. Alas its going to be the last figure I paint for a while as I am off tomorrow for more than two weeks so updates may be a little sparse here till I get back!

All the best!

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