Saturday, 23 July 2011

What! No Updates?


Alas I havent been able to do anything miniature related for the last few days as I seem to have gypped my back!

Hopefully service will resume as normal in the next couple of days!

In other news REBEL MINIATURES have shown some pictures of some pirate miniatures they are having sculpted:

Sea Witch

I am liking the combination of traditional pirates with a bit of fantasy too and hopefully the rest of the range will be just as interesting. They have also released some Roman Gladiators which would make good pitiful human rabble fighters:


In further miniature news, SPLINTERED LIGHT MINIATURES have released a Cyclops army for Mighty Empires:


They also have some Ratmen in the works which look really nice:


On a related note, I must say that manufacturers of 15mm scale fantasy miniatures seem to be doing themselves a bit of a dis-service as time and time again they show their wares poorly painted. Surely its worth their while to get some decently painted examples to showcase their products properly as I have seen quite a few negative comments on 15mm scale purely for this reason.

Often the miniatures themselves are really lovely sculpts but are disguised by a paint job thats pretty sub standard. I firmly believe that with a little extra presentation they could sell better!

All the best!

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