Sunday, 10 July 2011

Orc Wartower and Assorted Gubbins


Heres a couple of pictures of the concept sculpt I did for the Orc Carnosaur:

Orc Carnosaur

It was a bit of a learning process as I had to keep in mind I would be making it to cast but it turned out alright. I will now attempt to make a naked (ie no harness or howdah) sculpt for each of the Orc Warbeasts which I will then cast a couple of copies of and use them as dollies for the final models. These will then be moulded once more and the resulting pieces will be ready to go!

I also finished off a few more Orcs in the form of a Ghost Warrior, a Shaman and a warrior:

Orc Ghost Warrior, Shaman and Warrior

This will round out my Orc force nicely and I will be trying it out against my Dwarves in a Leviathan skirmish game soon.

Finally I sculpted up a trio of Children of the Moon so my warband had some nice heavies:

Children of the Moon

I made an Alpha pack leader and two pack members. They are pretty huge, standing twice the height of a human. I am fairly pleased with the sculpts but think I still need to work on getting the look right in future!

I will be trying to get them painted soon as well so my Children of the Moon warband can have another outing!

All the best!

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