Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Leviathan Proxies: The Dwarves


I have decided to post a bit of an update featuring possible proxy miniatures to play Leviathan with! This will cover both 15mm and 28mm scale eventually as folks are interested in both so without further ado here we go:

Demonworld has possibly the greatest number of miniatures suited to the Dwarves in 15mm scale and RAL PARTHA EUROPE is planning on re-releasing the lot which is fantastic news. Although they may be a bit too Warhammer in style they do have some rather nice warmachines which would make excellent Wargolems. Sadly they don't seem to have any cannons, only mortars...


MAGISTER MILITUM has two rather nice ranges that can be used too in the form of Blood Dawn, the old Reaper range:

Blood Dawn Dwarves

They do have artillery and some really nice infantry (in fact one of the crew of the cannon would make a perfect Technomancer proxy!) I believe they are somewhat on the large side though but the quality looks excellent!

Their Chariot Miniatures range also has some good stuff but I dont know how well it scales to the other ranges:

Chariot Miniatures Dwarves

IRREGULAR MINIATURES also has a fairly extensive range but I can't find a picture of them, the closest being the Evil Dwarves:

Evil Dwarves by Irregular

The quality looks ok but I am unwilling to comment too much on them without seeing them myself as the Irregular range can look really good when painted but still contains some iffy sculpts...

SPLINTERED LIGHT MINIATURES has an extensive range of Dwarves too!

Splintered Light Dwarves

They are a bit Norse looking but would still do!

Finally 15MM.CO.UK has some Dwarves too. These come in two different ranges, the Tabletop Fantasy ones:

Tabletop Fantasy Dwarves

And the HOTT range:

HOTT Dwarves from 15mm.co.uk

To be honest both look quite nice but the HOTT ones look a tad tall and skinny for my likings!

Now this covers mostly infantry with the occasional war engine but for the iron beasts themselves we need to look further afield!

RAL PARTHA produces the Mageknight Metal range which has some really nice bits and bobs which may prove handy:

Mage Knight Steam Constructs!

Although intended for 28mm they have some really nice armour that would make a perfect Wargolem in 15mm scale. These can often be picked up online in plastic for next to nothing which is a definite plus!

Next up PRIVATEER PRESS, producers of Warmachine have an extensive collection:

Privateer Press Warjacks

Theres enough to keep any Dwarven player content!

Finally theres the Dungeons and Dragons Plastics:

D&D Miniatures!

Again these are available in metal and plastic but the plastics are vastly cheaper in the most case.

Steamtanks are a bit more probematic to be honest as I have yet to find a suitable proxy miniature for any of those listed in the rulebook which is a tad surprising!

The closest I can get is from BLACK HAT MINIATURES VSF range:

Black Hat Miniatures Steam Tanks

Although they are wheeled they might do at a pinch...

Another suggestion was to use COMBAT WOMBATS Self Propelled Gun:

Combat Wombat SPG

Its a tad sci-fi looking but is the right shape and with some smokestacks could well work but would need cutting down in length a bit as its huge!

Hopefully this will give folks some inspiration to have a bash at some 15mm fantasy goodies. I am sure I missed some out but it should give you a starting point!

I will try and get a 28mm scale proxy post sorted out after I've gone through the remaining forces in 15mm so hang in there!

All the best!

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