Sunday, 3 July 2011

The First Force Part 1


Well I have taken a look through the force lists and have come up with the first 1000 points of Orcs that I will be attempting to complete over the course of the month!

Orcish Carnosaur Riders

Using the official armylists means I have the following to spend on my force according to the force breakdown:

Characters 100-500 points
Infantry and cavalry 150-600 points
Monsters 300-750 points
Allies 0-250 points


1 Level 2 Imbri-Khan, Medium armour, polearm, shield, riding a Carnosaur
155 points

1 Level 1 Simba-Khan, Medium armour, hand weapon and shield
41 points

1 Orc shaman, 1 dose of Warpweed. Polearm, light armour,
57 points

Total 253 points

Infantry and Cavalry

6 Orcs, light armour, hand weapon and shield, plus standard
161 points

5 Goblins, shortbows
110 points

5 Goblins, shortbows
110 points

Total 381 points


1 Necrosaur, harpoon,
215 points

2 Carnosaurs,
158 points

Total 373 points


1007 points

This will give me a decent sized force with three medium sized monsters and one big one as well as a load of infantry. The goblins will be used as shields for my orcs as they will be facing dwarves so will be getting shot at quite a bit. I took the level 1 khan to act as a unit champion for my orcs and the shaman to give them some extra hitting power.

The necrosaur is the only heavy hitting ranged unit the orcs have apart from the massive twin titanosaur catapult so is a must for smaller forces as it means that the orcs can have some chance of taking out dwarven wargolems, artillery or tanks before they get chance to do too much damage. It also has the added incentive that it tows harpooned foes towards it!

The real strength of the force is the unit of carnosaurs. Their massive bite is going to prove deadly for the dwarves, as long as they don’t get annihilated before getting into combat! As befits my orc leaders position I decided to mount him on his own carnosaur too. This will give me a very nice little force to be getting on with!

I have got a test sculpt for the carnosaurs nearly complete and will be trying to cast some copies of it so I can quickly bulk up my force and will take pictures of it once I've finished the sculpt!

To be honest I suspect I will need to fiddle with the force a bit at some point as I really want to field a completely Orc army with a couple of units of Necrodon cavalry units too but that can wait for the moment. First I need to get this stuff sorted out!

All the best!

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