Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Difficult Decisions


Well I have had a rather enlightening lecture as part of my course about copyright. Despite being a rather dry subject it did raise a few points which need addressing with my own business plans.

Essentially I had been planning on sculpting and casting a range of 15mm scale bits and bobs suitable for playing Leviathan. Following the lecture I came to realise how naive this was as not only do two companies currently hold the license for the game but theres one range in production and a second in development. I do not want to step on any toes or take money away from these companies so have decided to go for something completely different with my own work.

This has been an incredibly difficult decision as I know folks have expressed quite a bit of interest in Leviathan and even the possibility of me selling some models. I also have a real passion for the Leviathan setting and dont want it to fade into obscurity. Therefore I have decided to keep this blog running to cover my Leviathan hobby but to refrain from getting any of my current stuff cast.

I will be keeping up the progress of the updates and playing as much of Leviathan as possible but will be beginning development on a new setting to act as a basis for a new range I will develop over the coming weeks. I will also sadly be removing my Aeroth at War blog in a few days time as I just dont have the resources or time to keep developing it. I want to say a big thankyou to Qalpha for his sterling work in posting some truly fascinating articles on it and they will be copied over to here tonight to allow folks to access them if they wish.

Worry not! This is not the end of this blog. I still plan on playing lots of games and generally having fun!

All the best


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