Sunday, 26 June 2011

Orc Re-enforcements!


As I promised heres the Orcish re-enforcements I've been working on in the form of a Great Orc and a banner bearer:

Banner Bearer and Great Orc

Banner Bearer

Great Orc

I am really pleased with how they turned out, especially the Great Orc as its the first larger scale sculpt I have produced for quite a while! His left leg looks too long but thats because he is wearing a piece of armour on it and I made him look like a bit of a brawler with scrappy armour and fist and shoulder spikes. I also made him with scars all over his back to show he's been beaten by his lesser kin.

The banner bearer will also be seeing use as a character I suspect but the great Orc is going to add some hard hitting strength to the warband. In Leviathan, an Orc litter will occasionally produce a Great Orc, which rapidly matures into a powerful yet stupid creature that towers over its kin and are often used as shock troops by cunning Khans.

All the best!

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