Thursday, 23 June 2011

28mm Mass Battle?


I've been musing over the possibility of wargaming in 28mm scale again. I don't know why exactly but theres something remarkably appealing about seeing a large force painted and ready for battle in the scale.

I've taken a peek at Kings of War by MANTIC GAMES and am sorely tempted by the Mhorgoth's Revenge starter set:
Having looked at the rules it becomes noticeable that the game is intended for large scale battles featuring hundreds of figures a side which in turn requires a fairly large playing surface, something I doubt I will be able to manage for the foreseeable future. The box does seem to be well worth a look as it contains just so many miniatures!

GANESHA GAMES has a mass battle game in development which I am really looking forward to but theres no release date as yet. The ruleset promises to incorporate multi basing using 40mm square bases which will allow for some nice vignettes to be incorporated into a force which is an interesting option.

Another good option is No Quarter by WARGAMES UNLIMITED, a free ruleset which has been around for quite a while now and I have used it before and found it to be a really good game and worth looking into.

It features far smaller unit sizes, between 5 and 10 in most cases which leaves one with less to fork out for a force and can be played on a smaller board too!

And of course theres LEVIATHAN! Its a great ruleset but needs a bit of work, namely magic rules to do it justice!

The upcoming release of Demonworld by RAL PARTHA EUROPE is the only thing keeping me from going out and attempting to collect an army! I think that the vast selection of 15mm stuff will allow me to feed my obsession for mass battles and on a bit more of a budget!

That being said I suspect that I may have to pick up some bits and bobs that will allow some skirmishing in 28mm scale as its just too tempting, especially some of the new Dark Eye miniatures being released as theres some fantastic opportunities to pick up some really original stuff!

Anyway we shall see what we can come up with!

All the best!

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