Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Here Come the Orcs!


I've finally finished off the Orcs I sculpted a while back and here they are:

Orcs and a Goblin Sneak

Representing some of the Western Hordes outriders, the miniatures turned out quite nicely and I am planning on adding to them soon in the form of a pair of Darkwing riders, more Orc infantry and even some specialists such as Ghost Warriors, Great Orcs and Goraths Chosen!

I was originally going to go for a dark red colour scheme for their uniforms but it didn't go to well with the Orc skin tone. I settled instead for black and white armour with various greens and browns to add colour.

I have a big pile of broken slate to use as a representation of some of the broken badlands bordering the Axeblade Mountains. It looks really effective but I need to use a little caution when using it as it has some very sharp edges.

All the best!

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