Sunday, 19 April 2015

Star Wars!


I'm sure its been  blogged about lots already, but in case you might have been on another planet, the new Star Wars trailer has been released!


Now all we need to know is why, oh why isn't there a decent range of miniatures being released for it?! Yes I know Fantasy Flight has released their boardgame/rpg which has some really nice stuff but I don't want a boardgame with tons of cardboard tokens, cards and whatnot. I want to get packs of Stormtroopers, Rebels and battle it out on Endor, Hoth or any one of a thousand distant worlds!
Come on miniatures companies! Surely someone will take a punt at getting a license for such a range (yes I suspect that it will cost an utter fortune but there are literally millions of enthusiastic fans out there!!)
Now off to work I must go!

All the best!

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