Saturday, 18 April 2015

40k 2nd Edition on the Cheap Project Part 1


Well I have to say I've been overwhelmed with all the messages of support, suggestions and ideas for a 2nd edition 40k project and just wanted to say thanks to everyone for all the support! It does look like 2nd edition still has supporters out there!

Now that I've settled on giving the project a bash, I need to sort out a few bits and bobs, namely what force I want to attempt and how I am going to do it!

Having rummaged around my bits boxes, I realised that the most economical option would be to go for a Blood Axe force as I already have a fair number of bits and bobs kicking around, be they Mantic or old GW gubbins such as my Commando:

 Sneaky Gitz

I also have the Deadzone Marauders slowly getting closer to completion:

1st Mordor Rifles

This gives me enough for a couple of squads of Orks and some characters as well as heavy and special weapons which I will be trying to get painted over the coming weeks (I must admit that I really want to paint up the warboss as he is a rather snazzy sculpt that oozes character!)

Further rummagings has even come across the Ramshackle Games Rhebok Armoured Transport that I picked up when Curtis did a Kickstarter a while back and looking at the finished piece from his website, it looks just the business as a looted Battlewagon:


I think my initial attempts will be to get what I have painted up which could take some time and then see how much I have for a warband. I could easily play a game of Rogue Trader at this point but want to take the project a step further and put together a 2nd edition force using my horded Ork codex.

There's more though! As this is all going to be based in my alternative Imperium, I will see if I can't roll it all into a bit of a narrative too and as my gaming area is rather petite (currently only 3'x3' but aiming for 4'x4') I also intend on completing my 15mm scale army too with a combination of original sculpts, conversions and a certain amount of low cunning!

This will allow me to make the most of the space I have and actually get some games played as I tend to paint 28mm scale but play games with 15mm and I have been building lots of Imperial themed terrain too!

Hopefully this will keep me entertained for the foreseeable future and give me a much needed boost to the hobby time too!

So for the time being, All the best!

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