Friday, 10 April 2015

Syntha Update!


Well its almost the weekend again and with the culling of the excess blogs, the creativity seems to have returned as I have finished a few more bits and bobs that have been lying on my painting table for a while now!

 Syntha Mechs

Not only have I added a second tactical Androsynth to the completed pile, but I've even added an Assault T-Synth!


Armed with mighty Tesla Claws, the Assault T-Synth is capable of tearing through even the toughest of armour and I even had a bit of a shot at adding a little effect lighting to the blades as the original silver just didn't look right.

 Chunky Chap

I must admit that I am really pleased with the finish on him as the last couple of attempts I made at painting a T-Synth in the iconic Syntha bone and black went horribly wrong. While the styling may not be to everyones tastes, I do like the sleek finish as its a refreshing change from the more run down and beaten up look of Rogue Trader.

 Synths, large and small

You may notice that I reworked the bases from the basic black sand. Looking at them I realised the whole model was a bit bland so added the desert base which gives a good bit of contrast. It also means they will be seeing action against on Farpoint at some point in the not too distant future!

Taking a bit of a break from the big guys, I painted up a test piece for a 15mm Syntha Prosthene:

 That Way!

As I am far more likely to actually get a game in 15mm scale, I thought it might be a plan to paint up some proxies so I can have a bash of the rules in a slightly smaller scale. By happy coincidence, the T-Synth makes a handy heavy power armour or mech unit in the scale too!

 Prosthene Sergeant

I copied the colours for the most part but added a brighter green visor to make the figure pop a bit more and am rather pleased with the result. He should be getting joined by a squad or so in the coming weekend!

Thats not all though! Many moons ago, I bought some Aeronef with the intention of running a bit of a campaign but as with so many projects, progress ground to a halt. Until yesterday that is. I happened across some of the smaller ships and on a whim painted up one of them on a round lipped base and am quite heartened with the results:

Small British gunboat

I am hoping to paint up the rest as and when the whim takes me as I have enough for a bit of a flotilla and quite like the look of the little ships too!

Who knows, maybe I will one day finish them all!

Hopefully I will be just as productive this evening and will be able to add an update over the weekend too!
All the best!


  1. I have long been a fan of the clean lines on the Syntha models. Your painting style suits them really well.

  2. I have yet to buy anything from grendel, I look at them now and again, but have too many other unpainted Void minis to even go there. I<ll take heed of your warning.

    Putting the blogs out there is one thing, populating them is entirely another, that I do understand.