Sunday, 3 May 2015

Still Alive!


Well its been a few weeks since I last posted anything. I've started writing a few articles on and off over the period but have deleted them in frustration. I suspect I have hit a bit of a painters block again which is a bit of a bind as I have several mini projects I would like to be getting on with such as my 2nd Edition 40k Ork army or my Syntha which have all languished for some time at various stages of completion.

The problem is that nothing that I have looked out to start painting over the course of the last few weeks has inspired me at all. Part of the problem has been that I have found myself almost irresistibly drawn the the classic Target Games ranges.

I'm talking about 1st edition Warzone and Chronopia. Both are fantastic rulesets, rich with background and flavour but both are now sadly out of production, the miniatures ranges associated with them similarly hard to track down. To make matters worse, the metal used for said miniatures had something in it that caused many of the surviving figures to come down with a bad case of lead rot making them pretty much unusable.

Yes some of them are still available from Prince August or ebay but I am loath to buy any of them as I fear I won't actually paint them. As with so many of the ideas I have flitting around at the moment, the prospect of actually painting anything is leaving me cold.

Maybe its just another patch of hobby blues but my usual solution of picking something utterly at random and painting it just isn't working and I am at a loss what to do. Maybe I should just take a bit of a longer break from painting but I suspect that I will feel much the same in a months time...

Apologies for the rambling on and hopefully my painting mojo will return with a bit of work but in the meantime, All the best!

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  1. Nothing better to break the hobby blues then to buy something new an fresh. Just go and buy something you have always liked but not owned and paint it as soon as you get it, Works for me :)