Friday, 17 April 2015

40k 2nd Edition on the Cheap?


I've been sat this morning pondering on the possibility of collecting, painting and gaming 2nd edition 40k on the cheap. I know that many in the oldhammer community prefer Rogue Trader but 2nd edition was the game I played when I was but a youth and I fondly remember reading some utterly fantastic battle reports in White Dwarf back in the day too (usually of Jervis in command of Orks getting thrashed!)

Sadly for the gamer on a tight budget, playing 40k of any edition is getting more expensive. Rogue Trader figures prices are getting a bit silly on ebay and the sheer amount of outlay one needs to play the newer editions which seem to be trying to emulate Epic but in 28mm scale is utter madness.

Even the 2nd edition stuff is getting more expensive these days but I do wonder what the options are for 40k on the cheap.

Imperial Guard

One option would be to slowly and lovingly search out and collect figures from the era and pick up what bargains one can. Another is to proxy using any of the rather fantastic ranges out there these days while yet another is to try and do it all in 15mm scale.

I must admit that I am sorely tempted by the third option having really enjoyed scratch building some Goffs in the scale a while back:

Goff Nobz

The problem is that there isn't currently much of a choice in 15mm scale for science fantasy miniatures. Its a question I raised in the 15mm sci-fi facebook group and by the responses I got, most folks are happy with a more hard sci-fi feel to their games.

Another, possibly heretical option is to use the modern GW releases which seem to crop up on Ebay for rather a lot less than classic metal stuff and use that instead. Yes it's plastic tat but with a bit of a decent paintjob it can look the business and in the spirit of How To Oldhammer, I think I am going to have a bash at collecting 21 figures for 40k as the basis of an army and see how I go!

I think I will post my progress on a Tale of Several Gamers instead of here though as its just the sort of thing I have been looking for to get my 40k fix and painting mojo going again!

All the best!


  1. 2nd edition is without a doubt still my favourite edition of the game. The collector in me wants to pick up the miniatures of that edition. And I have, mainly for the joy of the miniatures I used to love. But I wouldn't be above using modern miniatures in an older setting/system.

    Although the collecting option can be pricey, I've just had to be strict with my spending habits. I've been sourcing the miniatures I've got so far for about 18 months - 2 years. It's a labour of love really.

  2. With regards to trying 15mm 40k, it's a good idea that you should follow. Most objections are likely to be based on the sunk cost fallacy. Existing 40k players don't want to 'devalue' their 28mm figs by switching, and existing 15mm players don't want to have more outlay for science fantasy when they have an existing hard sci-fi collection.

    If you're will to provide both side so people can play, I'm sure you'll get a more positive reaction, particularly if you sell it to them as a one-off 'boardgame' idea, or special scenario.

    I for one would love to see your take on the 2nd ed. box in 15mm – you're a decent way there already with those boyz!

  3. I can sympathize on the collectors front, seems the movement is getting stronger and stronger which means supply and demand is making beloved old lead harder and harder to get unless you want to pay through the nose!
    It genuinely saddens me that this issue will be spreading into your beloved smaller scale stuff as well sooner or later.
    I took the plastic plunge to fill out my latest unit of Black Skaven and they turned out even better than some of the metal figs (don't tell the powers that be, they may revoke my Oldhammer card).
    Weren't you the bloke who did those lovely blood axes using mantic figures? Those were ace, if u need marines mr blue in VT used some excellent retained sci fi Knights that looked absolutely fantastic.
    I'm rambling again. Good luck with whatever option you choose, with your skill set they will be marvellous regardless :)