Sunday, 7 September 2014

Warzone 15: Supreme Necromagus


I've sadly run out of 20mm round bases so have had to put a pause on my painting until more arrive! In the meantime I've been working through a small backlog of figures I've had in the leadpile that have been based and primed, in some cases for several years!

Inspired by Chico, I rummaged out one of the Space Vikings I sculpted a few years back and finished painting him:


I've painted him up as a Supreme Necromagus for Warzone as I don't really fancy going for a Chaos Space Marine vibe. Armed with a plasma carbine, this chap will be leading one of Algeroths secret cults on Mars.

Next up, here's another two of the modern fantasy miniatures that Stuart sent me the other week in the form of a Dwarf mercenary with a SMG and axe and a Ork Mechanic with pistol and big wrench:

Squat and Ork!

I do like the two of them and have provisionally named the Squat 'Three Fingered' Hoek and the Ork mech as Gertrude as I painted him as a her as she has a rather nice do and now sports a rather handy pink backpack and adds a much needed bit of diversity for the Orks!

Lastly, there's a Wallahbot for Prince Rupert's retinue:

Beep Beep!

He's from the old Laserburn range and is a little bit of a ropey sculpt but adds a handy, retro bit of gear for the exiled Prince to supply snifters of brandy, even in the thick of combat!

In other news, I am thinking about finishing off my Orc warbeast that I sculpted last year:


He will be forming the core of an Orcish horde for fantasy gaming and who knows, I may even be inspired to reboot my Aeroth setting! 

All the best!

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  1. Looking great, I love the warbeast!!

    Good call on Gertrude, that 'do' is a little camp for any self respecting Orc bloke!!

    Once again, my cap is doffed good sir, a superb job as always!!