Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Miniature Malarky!


Just a quick post before I turn in for the night to say the bases arrived safely the other day so lots of cleaning, priming and basing of miniatures has followed. Sadly its not the most exciting process but at least I can now crack on with getting something more exciting done! Much thanks must be paid to Grahams Wuerkshoppe for sending out replacements so quickly.

Speaking of which, I've now finished the first half of my 15mm scale Capitol Light Infantry squad and am rather pleased with how they are looking. Unfortunately its been too dark when I leave for work in the morning and when I return for me to get any decent pictures of them so it will have to wait till I get a day off before I can post a decent picture up here.

In the meantime, I will try and crack on with painting my way through as many bits and bobs as possible to get a decent update when I get chance!

I've also been perusing my old Chronopia and Leviathan books and have been pondering the possibility of recreating some forces in 15mm too. This will require a bit of conversion work in many cases but shouldn't be too difficult and will allow me to relive the glory days!

While on the subject, I am also giving serious thought to creating some 15mm scale forces that could be used in several different games as I have found myself bitten with a bit of a creativity bug as there are just so many great games out there, many of which are out of production!

Its not just fantasy that I have found myself tempted by either! Theres a plethora of games in my collection which are great but I've never actually played a proper game, a situation that I feel could do with a bit of revision over the dark winter months.

Some will require a bit of planning and work to get some suitable forces put together but I have to admit that rummaging through my leadpile of unpainted stuff, I have actually got a decent amount of bits and bobs to be getting on with so we shall see what we can come up with!

Interestingly, I do think that this fresh bout of enthusiasm for this great selection of games, both old and new, will do me a world of good as it will hopefully give me lots of leeway with painting up new and interesting units and generally making the most out of my hobby rather than slavishly adhering to one single army which would no doubt leave me bored in no time at all!

Handily there's rather a lot of crossover in several of the games with the likes of my Capitol infantry being perfectly suitable for use as Viridian Marines in Void 1.1, Union troops in Vor or even Nexus colonial marines in Kryomek!

One thing I do need to do is to get my gaming surface sorted out though. I recently played a small skirmish using Rogue Trader on a 2'x3' board and while playable in the scale, I found it a tad restrictive so really want to up it to 3x3' or even 4x3' which would be perfectly suited to decent sized skirmishes for scifi and small to medium sized battles in fantasy games. (as an aside, I will be adding photos and a battle report soon of said game which featured some rather fun shenanigans and some hilarious weapon misfires as well as a spectacular explosion or two!)

Another thing I want to try and reintroduce is my attempt to play a game a week, something I attempted with mixed success a couple of years back. This time round I think I will combine it with a review of the rules themselves as well and who knows, I may even tempt some folks to pick up some of them to try themselves!

I have no doubt that there will be pitfalls ahead with such an audacious plan but who cares as I really fancy rolling up my sleeves and having a bash at getting the most out of the assorted books, miniatures and other gubbins I've had lying around for ages and not done anything with!

As you can see, I have lots of rulesets to choose from (the pictured stuff is only a fraction of the stuff I've squirrelled away over the years) covering all manner of fantasy, scifi and post apocalyptic type games and I look forward to blowing the dust off of them and putting them through their paces!

All the best!

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