Sunday, 28 September 2014

Assorted Gubbins!


Its been a busy week here so painting time has been sadly limited but I have managed to get a couple of bits and bobs finished. As I was coming dangerously close to burning out on 15mm scale stuff, I decided to work through some of my leadpile of old 28mm gubbins!

First up there's an Elven noble from House Helios:

Helios Noble 

He's a Reaper Miniatures sculpt and turned out quite nicely. I played around with giving him a fire effect for his weapon and may go back to him at some point to add a little bit of a lighting effect to give it more of a glow but for the time being, I'm quite pleased with how he turned out. He will also act as a decent leader for my Helios Elves!

Next up here's a couple of barbarians!

 Leader and Berzerker

Rather aged but still fantastic Grenadier figures, I went a bit over the top to give the berzerker a properly enraged complexion.

Lastly, here's the first of my Sons of Kronos proxies for my Chronopia 15 project!


I've got some holidays coming up so hopefully I will get chance to paint my way through some more bits and bobs and who knows, I may even get a game or two in!

All the best!

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