Monday, 8 September 2014

Warzone 15: Capitol Trooper


Just a quick update before I head out to work this morning!

I picked up a couple of packs of Ground Zero Games' Colonial Defence Troops the other day with the intention of converting them into Capitol Megacorporate troopers. A little bit of putty and patience saw a full squad converted and the sergeant based and painted (using my last 20mm round base!)

Capitol Light Infantry Sergeant

The addition of the iconic shoulderpads really has made him look like he fits in with the classic look of warzone and I must admit I can't wait to get the rest of the squad painted up too. I ordered enough stuff to give me a squad each of the following:

Light Infantry
Heavy Infantry
Free Marines
Sea Lions
Sunset Strikers

I have an idea for the Martian Banshees too but they need to come from another manufacturer so will have to wait for now as I think I have enough to be getting on with.

In other news, I also finished off a Law Officer that I've had kicking around in the bits box primed since 2010:

I Am the Law!

I originally planned on giving him a green and white scheme to fit in with my old Stainless Steel Rat projects law enforcement officers but settled on the classic Dredd colours instead. Alas I think he has been a bit battered in the years in the bits box but will do the trick!

Finally, here's a quick update on the Orcish Carnosaur I showed the other day:


I am going for the classic colour scheme that I used back in the day for my Leviathan project as I really like the yellow and black. I must admit that this is far closer to what I always imagined that the Orcs warbeasts looked like in Leviathan than the chubby smiling things that were produced. I have enough bits to convert another two of these fellows and will be giving one a gaping maw and the last will possibly be one of the subspecies I created for the game. 

If I am to ever finish the project I need to find some more large beasts to convert into Gorathosaurs, Necrosaurs and Titanosaurs but that will require a bit of research to find something suitable to convert!

All the best! 

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  1. Really nice, I love the shoulder pads. I never played warzone back in the day, but the stuff you're doing makes me want to check it out!!