Monday, 22 September 2014

Warzone 15: Capitol Light Infantry Squad and the Temptation of Old Games!


I actually have a day off after 6 days in a row of work which has come as something of a relief and allowed me to finally finish off the first of my 15mm scale Warzone squads!

 Capitol Megacorporate Light Infantry

Its been really satisfying to finally finish them all and I must admit I'm really pleased with how they've turned out, despite me starting to flag a little when it came to finishing off the last two and reinforces the fact that I doubt I will ever have the patience to paint up a full army for the likes of Warhammer!

I gave the squad a LMG but also have some spares to allow me to swap him out for a HMG, Sniper Rifle or Missile Launcher if needed. With a little patience, I think I could complete a second squad, this time of heavy infantry or special forces which would round out the force quite nicely. I still need to sculpt up a suitable hero figure to lead the force but that can wait for a bit while I recover from the effort of getting this lot finished!

I have also managed to base up some figures I painted a while back who will make handy civilians, characters or random events in both fantasy and sci-fi gaming:

Femme Fatales!

Unfortunately, they are closer to true 15mm scale so are a bit on the short side but in game the difference shouldn't be too noticeable.

In other news, as alluded to in the title of the post, I have been pondering on the the siren call of old games. Why, I wonder, do so many folks hanker after games which have been out of production, in some case for decades, their miniatures hard to find and often quite pricy?

I suspect some of it has to do with reconnecting with one's youth but more often than not, I find these older games far more intriguing than the slick stuff that seems to get released these days (with a few noticeable exceptions!) A perfect example is Kryomek, a game I found in my local gaming store in the early 90s:

I can't remember how many times I've read the book and seriously pondered having a bash at collecting an army of Nexus Marines and inhuman Kryomek to battle it out on some alien world. The problem always seems to come when it comes to the cost of collecting a decent force, the time it takes to paint said force and the amount of space required to play it. As someone with precious little of any of these three commodities, this has been a bit of a put off. 

Similarly, Chronopia, Crucible and Leviathan, all cracking games, have been on my to do list for ages but once again the Big 3 problems have stalled my efforts.

With the insidious efforts of these Big 3, I haven't had much success with the projects in 28mm scale so am going to try again in 15mm scale instead. As my Warzone 15 seems to be bearing fruit of sorts, I figure it's got to be worth another shot. I have a bit of an idea of trying to sort out a couple of forces for each selected game and trying out a bit of a campaign using them before moving onto the next. With this in mind, I had best get on with some painting and will post some updates as and when I can!

All the best!


  1. Did you add the shoulders on your light infantry? I don't recognize the figs, and thought maybe the shoulders are throwing me off?

    Nice bases BTW. I've been basing on coinage lately, but I do like the idea of a taller base (to grab). Where do you get your bases?

    1. Hi!

      I did indeed add shoulderpads to the figures. They are Ground Zero Games Colonial Militia and were the closest match to Capitol troopers that I could find!

      The 20mm bases are available from lots of places including EM4 Miniatures but I got a big pile of them from Grahams Wuerkshoppe on Ebay. I do like the slimline look of basing with coins but went for the plastic bases on a whim years ago and theres no way I can rebase the lot of them now!

      I tend to add little blobs of putty to the bases to hide the integral metal base that the figures come on and it makes the whole thing look a bit more interesting too!

      All the best!

    2. Hi!

      The shoulder pads are greenstuff and a bit of patience! I think I will be using a scalpel on them next time as they are a little bit rounded at the edges.

      I built them up with two layers of putty, the first being greenstuff and the second procreate, a grey putty that has a slightly plastic like finish but works better for hard edges than greenstuff. Alas it doesn't have the adhesive quality that greenstuff does so a base coat of greenstuff is required to get it to stick to the figure properly!

      The last little bit of detail was to add a small raised panel on the left shoulder and the tiny keyboard thingy that the classic Warzone figures all used to have!

      All the best!