Friday, 27 January 2012

The Joy of 28mm Scale!


I know I've already mentioned that I't taking a break from my Leviathan project but I have been frothing over some of the beautifully painted miniatures over on KINGS MINIATURES and SOMEWHERE THE TEAS GETTING COLD blogs and cant help but think that I am missing out!

Thantsants Classic Miniatures!

Dave of Kings Minis Classics!

I especially like the fact that folks are painting and enjoying old school miniatures. Another example of this is OLD SCHOOL MINIATURES BULLETIN. I've mentioned in previous blog entries that I had hoped to do something similar in a limited scale but as yet have done precious little about it.

My Goblin warband has some nice classics in it but I haven't had time to paint anything for it for some time now. Its got me thinking that I should probably dig out the remaining figures and do something with them! I've got a few classic miniatures kicking around and I think that I may have to take a rummage through my box of bits to see what I can find!

All the best!

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