Friday, 6 January 2012

Campaign Terrain!


I've been busily working away getting some new terrain elements for the upcoming campaign!

First up theres the Tarn of Gorm:

Orcs Discover the Tarn of Gorm

The Tarn

It was constructed by building up a layer of sculpey in a rough ring on a baking tray then adding more sculpey rocks and cooking it. It was then glued onto some thin plasticard, flocked and painted. I added a layer of PVA glue to give it a bit of a sheen as well and am quite pleased with the results!

Next up theres the mysterious ruined village:

Boar Company Dwarves explore some ruins of a long forgotten village high in the Axeblades

Flint explores the interior of one of the ruins

They were constructed by making lots of little blobs of sculpey and forming some little ring ruins from them!

Finally I have been sculpting lots of bits and bobs and have almost finished the Dwarven supply caravan!

Pack Yaks

The one on the right still needs his packs adding but they will make a rather nice objective in upcoming battles! I also have a herder finished who just needs basing and painting and a couple of special characters are nearly complete too and will be getting photographed as soon as possible too!

All the best!

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