Monday, 9 January 2012

Goblin Re-enforcements: Wartowers


Well I've placed a small order for a couple of Lesser Goblin Wartowers from SCOTIA GRENDEL:

Lesser Goblin Wartowers

I will be converting them rather heavily into Goblin Wartowers which will in turn add some much needed muscle for my Goblin Warband.

As the background I have been developing has leaned more towards the Native American look, I will be making them into nomadic transports of a sort. The howdah will be replaced with a somewhat different platform sporting a couple of Braves apiece. I may even be tempted to sculpt them up a bit to turn them into either Spiny Devils, Rivetbacks or Firebelly.

These hybrid Carnosaurs are found throughout the High Mesa and Western edge of the Endless Plains and have been tamed by several tribes of the Goblin Nations. They form the basis for the Goblins nomadic lifestyle and transport the Goblins tents and supplies as well as their heaviest warbeasts.

I also plan on sculpting an entirely new Warbeast in 28mm scale as I want to have a bash at sculpting something large and impressive to act as a centrepiece for my Goblin force!

Speaking of which I think I am going to have to re-evaluate my current collection as the figures I have don't really match the background as they are too heavily armoured. I don't think theres actually any figures out there currently available which fit the bill so I may have to sculpt them myself! If so I think there will be some 15mm scale versions of them too!

All the best!

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