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Goblins in Aeroth

The Free Goblin nations of Aeroth are descendants of the Goblins who fled the shores of the Cold Sea far to the East of the Endless Plains when the Orcish Horde enslaved their kin. These tribes now eke out a living amongst the desolate foothills of the Axeblade Mountains.

The Cold Sea

These Goblins are a wild and hardy breed who regularly raid the herds of the Great Orc Khans for food, mounts and fun. They will also free any Goblins they find from their Orcish overseers. The free tribes see these downtrodden wretches as distant relatives and will actively recruit them into the tribe which helps keep their gene pool diverse.

The constant raiding enrages the Orcs who see the Goblins as property at best and vermin more often than not. Many punitive expeditions have been sent to find any Goblin encampments and wipe them out. To combat this some tribes have taken to a nomadic life, following herds of the lizardlike Megadons. Others live in cunningly constructed villages built high on cliffs out of the reach of their enemies.

The Edge of the High Mesa

Ruin of the Goblin Settlement at Ul Ygoth-Vaah

Unfortunately these tribes have come into conflict with the other inhabitants of the region, namely the Dwarves of Kareth Dull and the Barbarian tribes. Determined to survive at all costs the Goblin Chieftains have taken to capturing and training all manner of strange creatures to bolster their fighters.

The leaders of the Goblin tribes are the Chieftains. At one time Chieftains were elected by the elders of the tribe but following the Death this has changed. Now to become a Chieftain, a Goblin Brave must pass many physical trials in order to prove their worthiness as leader of the tribe.

A leader who is brave, cunning, able to lead raids with panache and hunt successfully is now seen as of prime importance. The Death has been hard on the Goblin nations and food has become ever more difficult to get hold of and their hunting grounds have been encroached on by both the Orcs and the Dwarves.

Although the Chieftain is nominally the leader of the tribe, they defer to the tribes Shaman. These wizened creatures are the true guiding force behind the tribes. Within their dark sweat lodges the Shamans commune with all manner of spirits and can wield amazing powers in battle and only the most foolish Chieftain would ignore the advice of the tribes Shaman.

The bulk of any Goblin force will be made up of braves. Although individually quite fearless, they are no match for the sheer size and strength of most opponents so prefer to attack from range using shortbows before closing to finish off the survivors.

Goblin Brave

Most tribes will also field large numbers of Carnodons, sleek killing machines which are well suited to both open plains and uneven ground. These Goblins will use either shortbows or spears and are the tribes shocktroops.


Some Goblins join warrior lodges and become Headhunters. These crazed individuals will hurl themselves into combat with anything believing that their names will live on in glory if they die and taking heads to mount above their lodge if they live.

Headhunter Lodge Banner

Nearly all Goblins will bedeck themselves in warpaint before battle with the colour and patterning reflecting their tribe and status. Many also wear feathers in their hair with the patterns and quantity showing their deeds.

Cunning Fox, the Chieftain of the Tribe of the Heights, gazed down towards the canyons floor. From his vantage point he could see the Orcish column wending its way along amongst the rocky dry riverbed which formed the canyon floor.

Riven Tongues, the tribes Shaman had been right. His spirit vision had shown the route of the Orcs march and the most auspicious time to spring the ambush was close. Hidden along the rim of the canyon Goblin braves waited, their short bows ready and flint tipped and poisoned arrows notched waiting for the signal to attack.

Far below the one of the Orcish warbeasts bellowed, as if sensing something was amiss. With a piercing howl the Goblin Chieftain fired his own bow, aiming at the rearmost Orcish Carnosaur rider. The arrow flew true and embedded itself in the Orcs neck pitching him off the beasts back. All down the canyon barbed arrows flew from the ambushers peppering the Orcish column.

Many fell clutching at the shafts as they died but at least one of the Orcish leaders saw the danger.

Roaring at his underlings and using one particularly unfortunate minion as a shield, the great beast began forming his remaining troops into a shieldwall and backing them down the canyon towards freedom.

Taking careful aim Cunning Fox once again let fly an arrow, striking the Khan in the eye, killing him where he stood.

Seeing their leader fall the remaining Orcs broke and ran but there would be no escape for them. Cunning Fox grinned tightly as he signalled down towards the canyons mouth. More Braves appeared to block its entrance, this time mounted on brutally sleek Carnodons and hurled themselves on the fleeing Orcs.

"Today we shall eat well and gained much prestige amongst the other Tribes!" murmured Cunning Fox as he hopped over the boulder he had been lurking behind and descended the canyon face to help finish off the surviving Orcs and claim his loot as is right as Chieftain.

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