Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Leviathan Skirmish


While I've been enjoying sculpting and painting my own figures, I find myself wondering why I haven't actually played using the rules from the Leviathan rulebook, the reason I started this whole project in the first place!


The rules themselves are rather nice and simple and the armies all have a different flavour to them rather than being carbon copies of traditional fantasy, usually Tolkienesque races but still I find myself entering the fourth year of my Leviathan project without having actually played it!

I think the problem is that of scale. To play a decent game of Leviathan one needs at least an 8x4 foot board, lots of terrain and models. I don't have the space or budget to really do it justice. I moved into 15mm scale to cut down on costs and space but still haven't got round to playing a full game.

Another issue I've had with Leviathan is its incompleteness. It needs the Earthpower supplement to cover magic, flyers and siege warfare but it never got released. The main rulebook could also do with having been playtested a bit more thoroughly as theres several bits and bobs that have been left out or poorly explained which can make attempts to play it a bit of an adventure. Each time I start playing it I find something else that needs explaining!

I've spent quite a bit of time collecting all the errata and begun work on Earthpower but want to be able to play with a reasonable number of figures in a limited space.

One of Leviathans strengths is the sheer size of the models and I want to be able to field some of them!

Orc Necrosaur
Lesser Goblin Wartower

Therefore I've decided to write a skirmish game set in Aeroth using the Leviathan rules as a basis. I want to be able to use both my 15mm and 28mm scale figures and where possible keep to the spirit of the warped lands of Aeroth and the incredible forces that fight to conquer it.

15mm Scale Orcs

28mm Scale Goblins

The basic idea is to field 10-15 infantry or cavalry with a couple of warbeasts or war engines with an emphasis on converting and scratch building. I also plan on posting my progress here along with the draft version of the rules as I develop them!

I have really enjoyed playing Song Of Blades and I suspect it has a lot to do with the sheer simplicity of the game and the ability to create warbands from any figures you have in your collection!

I think that I am going to incorporate some of these principles into the skirmish version of Leviathan!

All the best!

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