Monday, 5 September 2011

Basing Conundrum


I have been pondering the question of basing 15mm scale fantasy with regards to skirmish versus mass battle.

For skirmish gaming I prefer the use of 20mm round bases for infantry as it looks better than any other option I have tried. The problem comes when looking at using the same figures for mass battle.

I could simply plonk them on a piece of card or something but I just dont like the aesthetics of it. I have however been a fan of the mini diaramas that folks come up with in multi basing but want to retain the flexibility of individually based miniatures.

The answer seems to be to use some movement trays like those I have seen put to good use with DAMPF'S and BOROMIR AND KERMITS blogs

Movement Tray by Dampf

Movement Tray By Boromir and Kermit

These rather nice trays were home made but after a little rummaging online I found that WARBASES also produce some for very reasonable prices too. This will allow me to keep my miniatures based for both skirmish and mass battle. An added benefit is that when not in use the movement trays should keep the miniatures organised in a more sensible manner than I currently have to make do with (ie scattered all over my table!)

This approach will allow me to eventually have a bash at Mighty Armies, Fantasy Rules, Kings of War and more importantly Warhammer 3rd edition and possibly even some Leviathan!

I plan on placing a small order with them after I move!

In other news, my girlfriend Amy of STEAM POWERED FISH fame and myself are hoping to visit our first convention as traders in the next couple of months so once we have moved, we will be working all out to get some stuff finished to sell! Huzzah!

I am also working away at getting some new races sketched up including Carrion Goblins, Earth Striders, Green Men and Rivetbacks. I will be previewing the designs for a couple of them soon so keep your eyes peeled!

All the best!

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