Monday, 29 August 2011

No School Like Old School?


I have been perusing some truly inspirational blogs covering retro gaming, especially with some lovely old school Citadel Miniatures, most notably being SOMEWHERE THE TEAS GETTING COLD which has an amazing pile of classic miniatures such as this Orc army:

Orcish Horde from Somewhere The Teas Getting Cold

Theres also the REALMS OF CHAOS blog with its franky jaw dropping painted chaos army:

Chaos Warriors from Realms Of Chaos

Theres many more to choose from and I am thinking of having a bash at sculpting some old school styled stuff in 15mm scale. This fits in rather nicely with Leviathan as its existing miniature range is rather old styled and will allow me to get some warbands put together which will be suitable!

This will also allow me to put together a couple of forces for the classic Warhammer Fantasy Battle 3rd Edition amongst others!

I will be cracking on with the project at some point over the next month or so so keep your eyes peeled!

All the best!

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