Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Magnificent Sven


I have managed to get hold of a copy of the old Warhammer Fantasy scenario The Magnificent Sven and am thinking about giving it a bash in 15mm scale!

The Magnificent Sven!

Essentially its a scenario from 2nd edition of Fantasy Battle involving a Norse settlement in Lustria being terrorised by a large warband of Slann (back when they were still all frogs!) and calling in the aid of the Dwarf Sven and a rag tag band of mercenaries. Loosely based on the Magnificent Seven movie it sounds quite good fun and I am seriously considering sculpting up some miniatures to give it a go!

Theres Sven, his assorted mercenaries, a dozen Norse berzerkers and the villagers themselves facing over 70 Slann braves and warhounds lead by the mighty Slann warlord Gurggl Greenwake.

The artwork in the pack is rather interesting and would make some nice miniatures too:

Riolta Snow, Elven Archer

The cast is quite eclectic ranging from drunken dwarves to one legged adventurers and a mad wizard, not to mention lots of slimy amphibians to slay!

With a little work the setting could be moved from the Warhammer world to Aeroth, especially in the jungles of Kesh where the remnants of the Lizard Folk could be stirring up trouble against the settlers.

Reading through the scenario, I am struck by just how much humour it contains rather than the endlessly bleak background GW has lumbered us with in more recent additions. Its a real shame as it has a real charm to it and the characters are actually likeable.

A little searching and I found EAST RIDING MINIATURES frog folk which might make good Slann braves if I dont sculpt my own:

East Riding Frog Folk

Hopefully I will be able to get some stuff sorted out soon!

All the best!

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