Monday, 19 September 2011

Two Warbands and Finds From the Lead Mountain!


As promised heres a couple of pics of the Elven and Goblin warbands I picked up at Colours:

Harlequin Elves

Harlequin Gobbos

Each warband currently consists of nine figures which is plenty for the Elves but woefully inadequate for the Goblins. Fortunately I remembered that I had a big pile of old Citadel and Heartbreaker Orcs and Goblins at my folks:

Big Pile O Lead

This will give me plenty of scope for getting some small warbands put together over the coming months! Alas the Harlequin miniatures have quite a bit of flash on them as well as some nasty mould lines which will need clearing but the figures themselves are really rather nice and I hope to have a bash at painting them soon.

The Goblins will be getting some support from a troll or similar beast while the Elves will form the core of my Grey Elf force and will eventually get a spellcaster and some characters once I find the time!

The priority will be to get some sculpting done though!

All the best!

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