Friday, 19 January 2018

Rogue Trader In Waterstones Dundee


As folks may or indeed may not know, I work at Waterstones in Dundee and last year we ran monthly games nights with some success and this year we're looking to really have a bash at providing somewhere for gamers to come along and meet like minded folks to play card games, boardgames and even the odd RPG session.

As I'm the events guy for our shop, I've volunteered to bring along Rogue Trader for folks to have a go at.

Rogue Trader

I must admit to being somewhat apprehensive as this will be the first demo game that I've tried out and as many of the people who headed along to previous nights are more into their board and cardgames, I'm not sure how things will go but it will give me the chance to put together a game and some forces and play out some scenarios!

The Governor General

The plan is to run it like an RPG lite with each player having a small squad of underlings supporting their character so I need to get the brushes out and crack on as I need to paint up a few more characters and troops, not to mention monstrous foes for the good guys to shoot at!

If anyone fancies coming along on Tuesday the 20th of February from 5pm, they are more than welcome! In the meantime though, I'll be posting regular updates as my assorted little warbands start forming and terrain construction goes up a gear!

We're also approaching the local wargaming group to see if they would be willing to bring along the new Necromunda to demo and as I get more info, I'll post it here.

All the best! 


  1. Did not know - I'm Ops Manager in Canterbury ;)

  2. It's a bit far for me but good luck!

  3. Sadly I'm nowhere near Dundee (but I am near Canterbury funnily enough)! However I wish you the best of luck, I frequently run Rogue Trader games for newbies and they always enjoy it. Top tip... streamline movement so running is incorporated into the movement phase as opposed to tagged on at the end...this always causes confusion.

  4. Love the first characters. Your own 15 mm sculpts, I assume? Best luck and enjoy the run!