Thursday, 25 January 2018

Imperial Progress


Well work has been taking up quite a lot of my time over the last few weeks as well as assorted flat related gubbins so hobbying is having a bit of a struggle but I have managed to finish off a few more bits and bobs for my Epic Ultramarines!

First up, I've finally got my Techmarine complete along with his banner:

Techmarine plus mechanics

I've also got some rapid response in the form of a Landspeeder, which is actually one of my favourite Epic figures that I've painted to date:


Next up, here's some quick shots of my army thus far:

 Command and control

Ultramarines of the III Legion, VII company commanded by Captain Fentros

More Ultraness!

I'm really liking the combined force as it stands and with the addition of some more vehicles and a few infantry, I think it will be complete (for the time being!) and will move on to finishing up my Eldar and Renegades, not to mention some Orkish types to shoot the place up a bit...

Tactical Platoon

Speaking of Renegades, I've managed to finish the first of my Followers of Titan Rhino's:


It's a stock plastic Rhino with a scratch built ram made from plasticard. I must admit that I am not too much of a fan of much of the Chaos stuff that got released for 3rd edition of Epic with all the chains and trophy racks.

In my setting, Chaos doesn't really exist, instead you have the Followers of the Titans, an ancient race of gods who ruled the Imperium before being cast down my their offspring. In the ensuing eons, they have fought using their human and alien proxies to regain their former glories.

The Titans are not evil and neither are their followers. They are elemental and prone to acting rashly but not intent on destroying the universe in some sort of apocalyptic frenzy. They want to rule the place so wrecking it up seems a bit counter productive...

I have also painted a few bits and bobs in 15mm scale for my upcoming Rogue Trader demo at work but am saving the pics until I have everything finished and will post up the forces, the terrain and the scenario in advance hopefully followed by a bit of an after action report following the evening (if I can get anyone to have a go at it!)

In the meantime, All the best!