Monday, 1 January 2018

Centurion Trinity Sighted


Happy New Year to everyone!

I spent a couple of hours last night finishing up some assorted gubbins for my Epic project, namely expanding my Ultramarine detachment choices.

First up, here's a trinity of Centurion heavy battle armour:

Centurion Heavy Battle Armour

In recent years, Centurion heavy battle armour has become a more common sight in the Space Marine Legions but this is their first recorded deployment on Farpoint. These advanced battle suits allow Space Marine forces to deploy heavy weaponry on a more mobile and less expensive frame than their Dreadnought walkers.

Operating in groups of three known as Trinities, these Centurions are equipped with a las cannon, two rocket pods and a storm bolter as well as a power fist. The groups callsign is Hesperus and are currently being used to defend the Trilithium mines at Deadwater, a small outpost approximately two hundred miles from Freeport City.

Next up, there's the first of my Ultramarine Assault Squads:

Assault Squad

I picked these guys up in a trade several years ago and they sported a bit of a blobby paintjob and lots of bright green flock. Instead of stripping them, I carefully removed them from their old base, soaked them in water to remove the flock and scraped off the mould lines and pieces of sprue that were still stuck to them. With a bit of a repaint, they look pretty decent!

With all the goodies getting reinforced, I wanted to start expanding my Renegades too so have finished up a command stand for my Berzerker Cult:

 Karnac Mordent, Commander of the Followers of Titan

As the Governor General has feared, Alexandr Vosk, the disgraced ex ruler of the sector has brought in some serious support for his anti Imperial machinations. Through his contacts with Lucius Goldburg, the sectors biggest crimelord, Vosk has hired a group of Renegades known as The Followers of Titan under the command of the notorious Karnak Mordent.

Thus far the Renegades have only been glimpsed briefly on Farpoint when they raided Deadwater and lifted a Trilithium shipment under the noses of the local garrison. Only the intervention of the Ultramarines saw the traitors driven off.

A gun battle rages on the outskirts of Deadwater between Ultramarines and Renegades

I'm rather pleased with the progress I'm making on my Epic project and hope to try out a game this evening using some bodged together rules and a small playing surface!

I've also been busily building some scenics of a suitable scale for my project and the latest addition is the local mining offices of Con-Am:

Renegades dig in around the Mining Office

Built from an old cocktail stick container and a small box as well as lots of cardboard and a Ramshackle Games resin gubbin, I quite like how the office has turned out. I also put together some barricades from an assortment of cardboard and plastic gubbins I had kicking around as any small skirmish game worth it's salt needs lots of cover for the combatants to hide behind when the lead starts flying!

I'm also putting together some character bios as well as location guides and maps for my upcoming campaign where the Governor Generals forces will be vying for the control of the Farpoint sector against Eldar and Rebel control!

In the meantime, All the best!


  1. Happy New Year to you too Richard! All lovely work as usual but the Renegades are just awesome.

    1. Thanks for the comments!

      The Renegades turned out rather nicely and I'm hoping to add some more stands as well as a converted transport or two in the next week!

      All the best!