Sunday, 29 October 2017

Imperial Psycoborg Callsign Smile Stealer


Here's a bit of a repaint of a figure that I've had in my collection for about 20 years!

Originally from Alternative Armies Firefight range, he's a bit of a beast standing about 80mm tall and is armed with a large rotary cannon and plasma weapon I got from a Mantic Ork.

Psychoborg J316, Callsign The Smile Stealer

In an attempt to beef up security on Farpoint, the Governor General has licensed the use of several Psycoborgs. 

A fiendish combination of mechanical might and human cunning, the Psychoborg is one of the newer developments of the reformed Adeptus Mechanicus and utilises the brains of convicted criminals implanted directly into a mighty machine of destruction.

The Smile Stealer has been licensed to the Agrax Corporation along with a detachment of adepts and charged with the defence of the Promethium processing plant outside Freeport City and has ruthlessly put down several raids against the complex.

Unbeknownst to his handlers, The Smile Stealer is slowly overcoming his Imperial conditioning and it is only a matter of time before the multiple tonne adamantium killing machine goes on a psychopathic rampage. The only thing keeping him in check is the pleasure he gets from the carnage he gets to commit in his current role.

Armed with a Grimm class rotary laser, Flashfire class plasma launcher and power fist, heavy Psychoborgs are more than a match for most foes that the Imperium faces.

The Smile Stealer in action against a Badmoon raiding party.

I really like the big guy, despite some rather rough mould lines and seemingly forged from Dwarven Mithril due to my utter inability to carve said lines off the beast. I hope to play a game or two featuring the beast as well as a special rule with the chance of The Smile Stealer breaking his Imperial conditioning and running amok. 

Imagine the fun of having a monster like that appearing from time to time during a campaign to take some skulls before vanishing out into the wastes. I now need to put together a bunch of techs and boffins as well as a Mechanicus reclamation team sent to hunt him down when he inevitably goes mental!

All the best!