Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Badmoon Ork Mob and a Snake in the Grass UPDATED


I've finally finished the first five members of my Badmoon Ork Mob:

Badmoon Boyz

Originally from the Star Viking range from 15mm.co.uk, these were actually just about the first sculpts I did in 15mm scale and while a bit crude compared to my more modern stuff, they do the job as Ork troops.

Ork Mob

I've converted most of them to some extent to make the most of the poses and to upgun some as well and have another squad awaiting a lick of paint which will get added to the blog in the next few days too.

I must admit that my favourite is the chaingun wielding guy:


Here's a quick and slightly blurry (sorry about that!) shot of the boyz:

Have gun, will shoot Humies

I prefer Orks having a modicum of armour to the t-shirt and waistcoat wearing types that quite a few of the current GW ones and am thinking of sculpting up some mega armour to give them some real heavy hitters next.

In other news, I have rummaged out a snake to add to scenarios that require some small nasties to be lurking in the undergrowth:

Snakes Alive!

He's originally a GW Lizardman Snake Swarm member and took literally no time at all to paint but looks the business and I'm quite pleased with how he turned out!

Hopefully I'll have an equally productive output over the remains of the week and will post updates when I can but in the meantime, All the Best!


  1. Lovely job - alwayss liked the Star Viking range, keep meaning to order some and the two big chaps too.

    1. Thanks!

      I actually have the two big guys ready to paint with the smaller one having had a few nicknacks added to turn him into an Ogryn gladiator and the bigger bio titan is going to be given a bit more work before joining the ranks of The Dark Legion!

      I hope to post some background gubbins this evening too (heavily inspired by some of your fantastic posts!)

      All the best!

  2. Oh thank you sir - funnily enough, my background ramblings were partly inspired by your updated Imperial history, so good to know it's reciprocal! Did you sculpt the big fellas too?