Sunday, 3 January 2016



While I was in Tesco's the other day picking up some shopping, I happened across a rather nice Diecast Star Wars Republic gunship that looked like it might be handy for Epic gaming so I picked up one for £6.00 and cracked out the paints to see if I couldn't convert it to something more suitable and am rather chuffed with the results too!

 Thunderhawk gunship Athena

The sculpt itself is really nice and clean and took paint very well without stripping off the previous coat too and with a new Ultramarine livery, the Athena is ready for action!

I used a bit of brass rod for the flight stand as it's quite a heavy beast and did initially think of magnetising it all to allow it to land, I eventually just glued it on as it was a little wobbly. I do plan on perusing more of the Star Wars toys in future to see if I can find any more suitable gubbins for use in other projects!

Scale wise, the Athena looks suitably imposing when seen next to Epic scale infantry and actually looks like it could transport an infantry platoon, unlike the official Thunderhawk and it fits in rather nicely with my reimagined Imperium where tech has actually moved forward rather than stagnating.

 Ultramarines deploy from the Athena

But the Imperium's finest aren't the only ones who got some attention as I finally finished my Squat infantry command:

 Squat Warlord 

Once again, I can't get over how much I am actually enjoying painting small scale projects, especially when I chop and change between them which seems to be succeeding in stopping me from burning out and is actually encouraging me to paint more and I am really enjoying my hobby again!

Squat infantry detachment guarding a bunker

I am also working on some more Squat infantry to round out my current detachment with more Warriors and another Thudd Gun which should allow me to then see if I can find some suitable vehicles for the little chaps to move around in and decimate foes with macro weapons fire!

I must admit that painting my Thunderhawk has got me wanting to paint some more superheavies too so watch this space!

All the best!


  1. What a wonderful conversion there. It is testament to your skill that when I first glanced at the post I thought it was a epic scale vehicle I was unaware of, rather than a creation on yours! With the additions and your paint job the model fits in perfectly with the rest of your miniatures. Well done!

  2. Haha, I didn't see that coming! I love it!!