Sunday, 17 January 2016

Squat Re-Inforcements And Orkish Marauders


Well I have the day off at last and have finished off a few bits and bobs for my Epic project as well as adding a couple more sculpts to my SD Orks:

 Squat Warrior Squads

The Squat Warriors have been on my painting table for some time as they are the most involved Epic figures that I've encountered as they need so many colours to get them looking right but look cracking once done and round out my infantry force nicely.

 Squat Infantry deploy

I've got another Thudd Gun underway at the moment which will give the little guys some more ranged firepower and also want to add another heavy weapons squad but that should then be the detachment complete! Looking through my small stash of unpainted Squat gubbins, I have enough to add a robot unit, some more bikers, artillery and berserkers but want to move onto another force for my next update as my Ultramarines are in need of some new additions too.

On a related topic, I've been pondering the possibilities of playing a game of 2nd edition 40k using 6mm miniatures and think I may have come up with a bit of a cunning plan but it's going to require quite a bit of planning to work out as I need to order some bits and bobs as well as tracking down suitable miniatures and adding quite a bit more scenery to my collection before a decent game can be played but I will update the blog here once I have things sorted!

I am also quite interested in the upcoming Osprey game called HORIZON WARS which sounds quite good and I think I might be picking up a copy once it's released:

Horizon Wars

Next up, there's a couple more Orky marauders for my SD project which I've been pottering around with over the last few months:

Bloodaxe Marauders

I still need to add a heavy weapon and a few more close combat troops as well as a Dreadnaught and some sort of transport but they are heading towards completion at which point I will be starting work on some Space Marines or Imperial Guard to oppose them. Interestingly, I find painting the little guys a breeze compared to 28mm scale s think I could do with making a few more too...

I also have a couple of weeks of holidays coming up which I am looking forward to rather a lot but my job is going to be requiring a lot of artwork over the coming weeks and months so I am not too sure how much time I am going to have spare to work on my various hobby projects but we shall see what we can do!

In the meantime, All the best!

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