Friday, 8 January 2016

Eldar Heavy


Well I've just been to see the new Star Wars movie on my day off and really enjoyed it and I even managed to finally finish off an Eldar Heavy for my Saim Hann warband!

Eldar Heavy

I must admit that I really didn't enjoy painting the guy as he's been sat on my workbench for over six months now and the effort of getting a smooth finish with the paintjob was really annoying. Still he's finally finished and while he may not win any painting competitions, I am really pleased that I have him finished at last.


Along with the other three guardians, I now have the start of a skirmish warband but I don't think I will be working on another for a little while as I want to get back to some Epic gubbins as I actually enjoy painting them but I've enjoyed finishing off another work in progress.

In other news, I have also been reworking my blog here a bit and will be adding more pages detailing the alternative Imperium and its allies and enemies so do feel free to have a peruse!

All the best!


  1. Cool work, I love how that Eldar looks! And nice work with the heading of the blog! :)

  2. Mate these look great! Top stuff! What with this and 24-cigarettes recent Eldar
    Squad I'm starting to feel the urge To get involved

  3. Wow he looks great especially with all the jewels picked out, you set the bar very high sir