Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Reboot Fail...


Well its been my day off today so we went out for a bit of a drive up north for a bit and happened on a hobby shop. I nipped in to have a peruse in hopes of finding something to buy to reboot my painting mojo but had a less than fun experience.

On entering the store, the half dozen middle aged men sat in it stopped their game and stared at me so I gave them a friendly hello only to be greeted with silence and they turned back to their game and one of them let forth with a fart.

Unsurprisingly I left without spending any more time in the store. Why oh why can't wargamers act like civilised human beings? I have noticed in several of the selection of gaming stores that I have visited over the years an astounding lack of anything resembling customer service and am totally sick of it.

I work in retail and if I treated a customer as some of the geeks in hobby shops do, I would fully expect to get the sack. Goodness knows the hobby needs to attract new gamers and the sort of crap that I experienced today leaves me totally unsurprised that people are leaving the hobby or getting their gaming gear online.

Don't get me wrong, there are some good old fashioned gaming shops out there, such as Spirit Games in Burton on Trent (I highly recommend visiting it if you get chance as it is literally bursting at the seams with great stuff and the staff are friendly and helpful) but just about every other one I have visited suffers from ignorant staff who seem to think of their customers as an inconvenience or have a shop that leaves one gagging from the stench of unwashed bodies or in the case of another store I visited up north, dog crap!

Now I am not going to name and shame the shop I visited today but I am never going to set foot in it again and suspect that if it keeps to their current level of service, it will close in the not too distant future. I must admit that I was thankful that my fiance decided to remain in the car as she would have been furious and would have given the saps in the store a piece of her mind.

I do apologise to anyone who works in a gaming store or visits any which are good but am feeling the rage for my hopes of finding something to paint being spoiled!

Hopefully I will be able to regain my composure a bit and find something to paint in the not too distant future but at present I am too busy fuming!

All the best!

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