Saturday, 16 May 2015

A Problem of Space...


Well I still haven't regained my hobby mojo following the last few weeks of general painting malaise. Alas every time I sit down to paint anything I just can't bring myself to do anything so I took myself through to my man cave and had a peruse of my current collection and have come up with a bit of an issue.

Essentially I think that part of the problem at least is lack of anywhere to play a decent sized game. For games like 40k, Fantasy Battle, Epic or many others, you need at least a 4'x4' board and preferably a 6'x4'. Sadly I don't have anything like that and I think I am finding at least part of my painters block coming from the fact that when the miniatures are finished and painted, they just end up on the shelf gathering dust rather than being put to use.

Yes I could go out and join a gaming group but my job means that I have very little spare time and for me at least, gaming tends to be something I do in a morning before going out to work or my fiance getting up. Unsurprisingly, there aren't many groups out there who cater to this!

In the past, this has never been much of a bother as I enjoy solo gaming and my 15mm scale gubbins have kept me entertained for several years with the many exploits of the Boar Company and their adventures somewhere on the border in Aeroth or Farpoint Salvages explorations of the frontier of Imperial space.

Boar Company

I think that part of the issue at least seems to have been that when I stuck to 15mm scale skirmishes, I could paint up a force in a day or two and get stuck into gaming straight away and each new addition would actually see action (in the case of the Boar Company, it resulted in an ongoing campaign that seemed to give each and every character a real personality of their own)

 Crazed Cultists!

The problem seems to have arrived when I scaled up to 28mm and ironically down to 6mm as both need larger surfaces to play satisfying games! Yes painting them was very satisfying but I haven't played a single game with them and that seems to be putting me off doing any more!

For example, a good skirmish game can be played on a 2'x3' board like the one below in 15mm:


The same cannot be said of a 28mm scale game in the same space. This has lead me to a bit of a revelation that may get me up and running again and that is the need to box up all my remaining 28mm scale stuff for the time being and concentrate on something that I know I will use. Therefore, I am going to dedicate June to a couple of projects that I have been thinking of for a while and see if I can't get a mini campaign or two played and also paint up some goodies too!

I may not be posting here much over the rest of May as I have rather a lot of work to do but watch this space as I have got a bit of a plan and will update it from the 1st of June!

Till then, All the best!

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