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State of the Imperium: Farpoint Sector Dramatis Personae Part 1


Well its the 3rd of January and I'm going to try and post some semi regular ramblings on my blog to try and flesh out my reimagined Imperium in general and the Farpoint Sector in particular!

I thought it might be a plan to make a start with some of the movers and shakers of the sector so without further ado here we go!

Laars Van Dorn, Governor General

Laars Van Dorn

Baron Laars Van Dorn has been recently appointed by the Empress herself to oversee the Farpoint Sector and to bring law and order to the wild frontier. Van Dorn has proved himself a loyal servant of the Imperium in the past and has been entrusted with a sector that could potentially prove vital for the war effort against the Kryomek and Eldar. 

The Farpoint system itself has been blessed with vast deposits of rare minerals, heavy metals and other rare elements and their discovery has resulted in a mining boom with cartels, freelancers and corporations all scrambling for the right to exploit the resources. It was in this environment that the previous governor, Alexandr Vosk, ran a lucrative sideline in corruption which led to his eventual removal. 

Farpoint itself is a rather arid world but contains rich sources of mineral wealth and several great mining concerns currently have holdings there, including at least two Squat Guilds. To this dusty world van Dorn has brought a full regiment of his own Imperial Guard to supplement the PDF force and the Empress has loaned him a company of Ultramarines under the command of Captain Tiberius Aquilonius to help bring order to this lawless region.

Van Dorn faces a great challenge with his arrival as Vosk, was removed for being corrupt but still resides in the capitol city of Freeport, surrounded by a veritable army of thugs, toadies and courtiers and rumour has it that Vosk has been tapping his underworld contacts to provide van Dorn with a warm welcome. 

Fortunately the new Governor General is no stranger to intrigue and his agents are already conducting a secret war on all seven worlds with Vosks underlings. The Empress is fully aware of the situation but is confident that the Baron will rise to the challenge and subdue Vosk before things get out of hand.

Alexandr Vosk, Ex-Governor and Crimelord

Alexandr Vosk

Alexandr Vosk is an unhappy man, his position of power has been usurped and many of his illegal sidelines have been closed down. He is desperate to undermine the new Governor General and reclaim his position and will resort to any method to achieve his goals. He has spies in the Governors court and paid agents in the local Arbites as well as contacts with many of the less than legal organisations in the sector and has even taken out an astronomical bounty on the Governors head.

Vosk has extensive contacts within the PDF and as such they are viewed with great suspicion by the incoming Governors agents. These contacts have allowed Vosk access to all manner of military grade weapons and equipment. Much of this has found its way to the black market but the choicest gear remains in Vosk's arsenal.  

Residing in a fine palace in Farpoint City, Vosk has surrounded himself with a court of toadies and hangers on and from here, Vosk intrigues against Van Zan and shadowy figures have been seen  

Lucius Goldburg, Crime Kingpin

Lucius Goldburg

While Alexandr Vosk may run the illegal activity in the sector, Lucius Goldburg is the undisputed underworld Kingpin on Farpoint itself. Deep within the slums of Farpoint City, Goldburg sits like a spider at the centre of a web of illegal activity. While the Arbites have a lot of suspicions regarding the shadowy Goldburg, nothing seems to stick to him. 

Goldburg runs chump dumping, drugs, smuggling and other, less appealing activities but all at arms length. Through a network of AI units, Goldburg has kept himself away from the spotlight but is concerned that his market share is being squeezed by Goldburg and the seemingly incorruptible new Governor General and has quietly been preparing for a turf war that he knows is coming.

With this in mind, he has struck a deal with an unknown Orkish warlord for some hired muscle and now Goldburg is accompanied everywhere by a pair of Ork brutes. Ever paranoid, Goldburg also ensures that he always has access to cash so has a pair of minions carry a chest of liquid assets wherever he goes. To ensure they have the right attitude, the minions have been chained to the box and fitted with remote detonators so that if they try anything funny, their heads will literally explode. 

Hopefully that will get me going a bit and I hope to add a few more articles in the coming week before starting to actually get some figures for said Dramatis Personae!
All the best!

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